Trump Hits A New High-Water Mark: The Biggest Federal Deficit In 6 Years

The federal deficit has soared 17 percent in the president’s first fiscal year.

President Donald Trump likes to boast that he’s breaking records with the latest low unemployment figures. Here’s another record for his administration: The 2018 federal deficit hit the highest level of the last six years.

The deficit jumped 17 percent (or by $113 billion) to $779 billion at the end of Trump’s first fiscal year, according to final figures released Monday by the Treasury Department. That’s mostly due to the massive corporate tax cut that slashed rates from 35 percent to 21 percent, choking revenue for spending, which climbed 3 percent. Much of that was a hike in defense spending and money to pay interest on the climbing federal debt, CNN reported.

The U.S. government’s $523 billion in interest payments to service its debt in 2018 — the highest ever — was more than the entire economic output of Belgium this year, Bloomberg reported.

Corporate tax collections in the U.S. fell 22 percent, or $76 billion, in the fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30.

The total federal debt — which combines annual deficits — was 78 percent of the nation’s entire gross domestic product in June. It hasn’t been that large a percentage since World War II.

Trump promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves by boosting business, which would produce more taxes. But that hasn’t yet happened. The Trump administration estimates that the deficit will increase to $1.09 trillion in the next fiscal year.

The federal government usually increases spending — and deficits — to boost a faltering economy — such as during the 2008 recession triggered by the subprime mortgage and banking crisis. But the economy was already in a strong recovery when Trump moved into the White House, and he still boosted the deficit.

“By cutting taxes in 2017 when the economy was already quite strong, Congress and the administration not only missed a golden opportunity to begin to address the fiscal problem, they actually made the problem worse,” William Gale, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, told CBS News.

The GOP had traditionally been the party that battled for a balanced federal budget.

Shocking moment worker at game farm grabs pheasant and slams it against a cage

  • Disturbing short clip recorded by investigators at Bonson Wood Game
  • The investigators visited the farm over the summer to probe working practices  
  • Footage shows thousands of pheasants crammed into hundreds of tiny cages.

This is the shocking moment a game farm worker slams a pheasant’s head into a metal cage.

In the disturbing short clip the male worker is seen reaching into one of the cages, pulling out a bird before casually carrying out his disgusting attack as he chats to a colleague.

The footage, which was recorded by investigators on a visit to Bonson Wood Game Farm, near Bridgwater in Somerset, then shows the worker hitting its head again as it flaps its wings, desperate to get free.

Allegedly, this year many birds allegedly died prematurely at the farm and their bodies were tossed into wheelie bins like discarded rubbish.


worker slams pheasant

Investigators took this picture which shows pheasants with covers over their beaks to stop them pecking others to death

worker slams pheasant

A still from the footage which shows the farm worker holding the pheasant over his head before carrying out the sickening assault

The investigators visited the farm on several occasions over the summer in order to probe working practices and the animals’ living conditions.

Pheasants at the farm – which breeds tens of thousands of game birds for shoots across the country – were found to be living in cramped conditions.

Footage shows thousands of pheasants crammed into hundreds of tiny cages that housed as many as eight birds and were encouraged to mate continually.

Females, unable to escape the attention of the lone male in their cage, have to wear ‘saddles’ as the repetitive mating rips the feathers from their backs, according to the Hunt Saboteurs’ Association, which obtained the film.

The animals are also fitted with plastic devices known as ‘bits’ on their beaks to prevent them from attacking each other out of frustration due to the close quarters living.

In one of the farm’s rearing sheds – which is said to house more than 21,000 pheasant chicks – nearly 2,000 of those allegedly died within seven weeks of hatching.

worker slams pheasant

Footage also shows thousands of pheasants like these ones crammed into a countless number of tiny cages

In another, 689 of the 16,400 pheasants housed there were said to have died within seven weeks.

These disturbing figures, collected by independent investigators, came from just two of the farm’s eight rearing sheds.

Animal rights groups slammed the farm after seeing the footage.

Lee Moon, from the Hunt Saboteurs Association, which received the clandestine footage, said: ‘The shooting industry relies on factory farms such as Bonson Wood to supply the 50 million pheasants and partridges it releases to be shot each year.

‘The routine cruelty seen at Bonson Wood is the norm among game farms in the UK, and our previous exposé of Knowle Game Farm in Kent last year again highlights this.

‘Feather pecking, cannibalism and appallingly high mortality rates are the standard on pheasant farms, no matter how much the industry attempts to say otherwise.’

A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spokeswoman said: ‘This footage confirms that pheasant shooting should be stamped out.

‘The birds used and abused in these shoots are raised in such intensive confinement that they’re fitted with masks to stop them pecking each other to death from stress.

‘Then, they’re released so that some pathetic, unfeeling soul can blast them to death with a shotgun. Those birds who aren’t killed outright are often left to bleed slowly to death.

‘Hunting of any kind has no place in modern society and should have ended years ago – along with cockfighting, bear-baiting, and dogfighting.’

A spokeswoman for the British Game Alliance said: ‘The British Game Alliance regulates its own members to the BGA standards. It has no authority beyond that.

‘Any credible allegations made against a BGA member under those standards will be fully investigated under the proper protocols and dealt with accordingly.’

Bonson Wood was repeatedly contacted for comment and the allegations put to them, but they declined to comment.


Pizza delivery boy faces 18 YEARS in jail for spitting on a customer’s food in Turkey

  • CCTV footage shows the 18-year-old, named as Burak S, opening up a pizza box
  • The boy then walked up to customer Huseyin Alyuz’s fifth-floor flat in Turkey 
  • He said he was only checking the man’s pizza for damage but has been sacked
  • Charged with ‘endangering the lives of persons’ with poison or by other means 

A pizza delivery boy faces 18 years in jail after he was caught on camera apparently spitting on a customer’s food in Turkey.

CCTV footage shows the 18-year-old, named as Burak S, opening up a pizza box outside a customer’s home and leaning over it as he filmed himself on his phone.

The boy then walked up to customer Huseyin Alyuz’s fifth-floor flat, in the city of Eskisehir in north-west Turkey, to deliver the meal.


Mr Alyuz’s nephew, Cagatay Ehe, saw the CCTV footage and told his uncle who complained to the police and the pizza company.

Burak S. said he was only checking the pizza for damage but has been sacked and is now on trial.

He is charged with ‘endangering the lives of persons by putting poison or spoiling the food with other means’ which carries a sentence of two to 15 years in prison.

He also faces a consumer court charge of ‘damaging goods and endangering customer’s health’ which carries a sentence of between four months and three years behind bars.

Burak S. told the court that he did not spit on the pizza and had only opened the box to ensure it was not damaged as he had been in an accident en route.

He said: ‘I found out that the person who ordered the pizza had cursed my colleague Aylin. I knew he was a problem customer.

‘I opened the box of the pizza to check for any problems, to check whether the pizza was still intact.

 Huseyin Alyuz's

Pizza delivery boy faces 18 YEARS in jail for spitting on a customer’s food in Turkey

‘I took a picture of the pizza with my mobile phone and sent it to my friend Aylin. I absolutely did not spit when I opened the box.’

Mr Alyuz told the court: ‘I called the pizza shop and ordered a pizza. It was a two-minute conversation and I did not curse anybody.

‘The suspect delivered the pizza to me. I opened the box and took two slices of pizza. Cagatay Efe who lives in the same building, send me a text message saying ‘do not eat the pizza’.

‘I called Cagatay, he told me the delivery boy had spat on the pizza. When I checked the security camera footage I realised the suspect had spat on my pizza.’

The criminal court has adjourned the case until next February while forensic experts assess the risk of disease from the pizza. The consumer court case is still pending.

 Huseyin Alyuz's

Pizza delivery boy faces 18 YEARS in jail for spitting on a customer’s food in Turkey

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Kanye West Jumps on Table at Detroit College to Rant About Leaving Elon Musk Alone

Kanye West took a tour of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies yesterday afternoon, posting videos of himself touring various student projects. And then he apparently hopped up on a table and started ranting about Elon Musk’s troubles over alleged stock fraud, telling his audience to “leave that man the fuck alone.”

In a video posted by one of the students in attendance, Kanye West can be seen standing on a table, where he mentions the need for new innovations, seemingly regarding companies like Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX, before saying “I don’t care who’s over at his house, leave that man the fuck alone.”


Kanye is clearly referencing the recent Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit against Musk for alleged securities fraud concerning a tweet the Tesla CEO posted back in August that claimed he had secured funding to take the company private. The SEC claims that and other public comments from Musk were either false or misleading, and Tesla and Musk settled with the feds, forcing Musk to step down as Tesla chairman but remain as CEO.

The scandal was only proliferated by a series of claims on social media from artist Azealia Banks, who was in the Musk household while all of this was going on for a failed collaboration with artist Grimes, who was dating Musk at the time. Banks is likely who Kanye is referencing when he says he doesn’t care who was at the Musk’s house, though it’s unclear how much impact, if any, Banks’ statements had on the SEC investigation.

Clearly this has Kanye upset, as he sees it interrupts Musk’s vision for innovation. Back in 2015, Musk wrote about Kanye West for Time’s 100 Most Influential People list.

As the Detroit Free Press points out, Kanye was visiting the design college with StockX CEO Josh Luber, who is headquartered there, and Quicken Loans founder and chairman Dan Gilbert, who also has an office at the college. In the videos from the tour posted to Kanye’s accounts, you can see various projects including automotive designs, an interactive 3D model of Detroit, a giant iPhone, and more.



The College for Creative Studies is a private arts school and is home of the Henry Ford Academy. Its alumni include Ralph Gilles, Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler and Joel Piaskowski, director of design at Ford, among others. Kanye also tweeted out seemingly asking Gilbert where the “flying car department” is at the school.

Kanye’s visit to the college follows a weekend of controversy, with the rapper delaying the release of his new album, posting a photo of himself in a custom red “Make America Great Again” hat, tweeting about abolishing the 13th Amendment, and performed on Saturday Night Live, where he reportedly went on a rant off-air about the SNL producers and audience bullying him over his support of Donald Trump.

Regardless, Kanye may get his wish of people leaving Musk alone in his new reduced capacity at Tesla, but the biggest help would be convincing Musk to just stop tweeting so much.

Mother of missing girl, 14, says she is ‘out of her mind with worry’

Mother of missing schoolgirl, 14, makes desperate plea for help to find her daughter who was last seen five days ago

  • Mother of missing schoolgirl Alisha Watkins has appealed for her to return home
  • Alisha has been missing five days, last seen in Cardington, Beds, on Sept 29 
  • Police described Alisha as being around 5ft 4ins tall, slim, with blonde hair
  • Was last seen wearing black leggings, a navy puffa jacket and black trainers

The family of a teenage girl who has been missing for five days say they are ‘beside themselves’ with worry.

Schoolgirl Alisha Watkins, 14, was last seen in Cardington, Bedfordshire, on Saturday, September 29.

Her mother, Claire Watkins, has now posted an emotional appeal on social media, and said: ‘I feel she’s in trouble or something’s happened.’

Schoolgirl Alisha Watkins, 14, (pictured) was last seen in Cardington, Bedfordshire, on Saturday, September 29

‘It’s unlike her to go this long without contact.’

Posting a picture of Alisha on Facebook, Ms Watkins also wrote: ‘This is a cry for help… the family are besides ourselves with worry.

‘Has anyone of Alisha’s friends heard from her since Saturday afternoon???                                                      Has anybody seen her??’

Bedfordshire Police described Alisha as being around 5ft 4ins tall, slim and having blonde hair.

She was last seen wearing black leggings, a navy puffa jacket and black trainers.

Anyone with information about Alisha is encouraged to call 101 quoting reference number MPC/4087/18.

Bedfordshire Police described Alisha as being around 5ft 4ins tall, slim and having blonde hair

A fresh graduate dressed as a Spider-Man to accept his degree in law

University graduation ceremonies are obviously lovely events – they are a celebration of hard work paying off, of knowledge gained, all of that.

However, anyone who has ever been to one knows that they are also deathly boring. A lot of speeches, uncomfortable gowns, and then a long and tedious wait whilst every single person’s name is called out. Sure, it’s for a good reason, but they aren’t half dull.

Well, one low student decided to liven up his ceremony by dressing as Spider-Man.

The student is 22-year-old Hiram Yahir Salas Romero, and he’s a recent law graduate from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

Romero thought that he’d liven proceedings up a bit by dressing as the web-slinging superhero for his big day. You can’t argue with that logic.

The graduation ceremony had a dress code that required students to wear formal suits and ties, but he snuck off to change into his alternative outfit.

It wasn’t for everyone. Romero claims that there was some booing as he walked up to get his diploma, and the master of ceremonies reminded everyone of the ‘solemnity’ of the event.

Romero said: “None of the authorities said anything. They just looked at me unhappily. I don’t remember if the Rector said anything, but I think I got a smile out of him.”

That’s fine then. He also displayed a sign that read: “For the love of my life, my mother.”

Romero said that not only had his dear old mum supported him through university, but also paid for his lovely Spider-Man costume.

That’s a devoted mum, there. My mam once made me a Thunderbird’s costume out of cereal packets, but I was three and had not yet graduated from nursery, let alone picked up a law degree.

Romero says that Spider-Man is an inspiration to him because he is a “human with problems but also with the desire to help people with his special powers and intellect.”

Well, needless to say his little stunt has divided opinion – there are some who think he detracted from the solemnity of the event, there are others who think it’s great.

If it’s anything like most graduation ceremonies, there is another much larger group that were simply asleep throughout the whole affair.

Inmates ‘used a drone to deliver Chinese takeaway to Wheatfield Prison after staff discover containers in bin’

Prison officers believe inmates are using drones to get takeaways, and other items, delivered into the facility.

At a prison in Dublin, staff found fast food containers from a well-known restaurant in a bin in the yard of Wheatfield Prison, leading them to believe the food was delivered by a drone.

Drones are reportedly used regularly to make drop-offs over the prison walls, with bosses now investigating new ways to prevent it happening.

Jail staff discovered containers from a fast food outlet in a bin in the yard of Wheatfield jail, leading them to believe it had been delivered by a drone.

A source said: “There’s no other conceivable way a Chinese takeaway could get into the prison other than by a drone.

“That’s what the staff in the jail believe anyway. The food containers were found about six weeks ago”.

“Prison staff were left scratching their heads as to how it got there and a drone was the only possible explanation”.

“It goes to show inmates will go to great lengths to get what they want.”

A spokesman for the Irish Prison Service said last night: “I have not heard of any such delivery/incident”.

“I won’t for obvious reasons go into details about the size of the holes in the nets but I can tell you they cover all the yard.”

As well as the hi-tech devices being used for the unusual request, they are increasingly dropping drugs into the facility.

And although the entire exercise yard is covered, prisoners are using “human pyramids” to collect contraband.

The unmanned aerial vehicles are said to be making drop-offs over the jail on a regular basis with the prison bosses now looking at even more effective ways to combat them.

A source said inmates get a message to dealers on the outside with an order of what drugs they want and the shipment is then delivered to them.

They added it’s such a regular occurrence staff and inmates have begun to name it after a popular food takeaway ordering service.

The source added: “It would appear drones are being used a lot more than they ever were, it’s a regular occurrence now”.

“A lot of the drugs appear to be getting in that way. There’s a running joke it’s like dial-a-drug service as you just get word of what you want, cocaine, spice or whatever, and it’s delivered in by a drone”.

“Not all shipments get through but the vast majority of those looking for the drugs are willing to take the chance”.

“The use of drones to try and drop drugs into the jail yard has many staff questioning if it’s possible to get a no-fly zone about the prison”.

“The drug spice appears to be the drug of choice as it’s cheap and is extremely strong.”

Drones are becoming increasingly popular among civilians and are available at a relatively cheap cost.

A spokesman for the Irish Prison Service said all measures are in place to stop them from dropping contraband into the yard.

He explained: “Existing measures include regular patrols by staff, monitoring of cameras, exercise yards have netting fitted to prevent contraband being dropped or thrown into that area”.

“Most areas in Wheatfield are fitted with specially designed windows which cannot be opened like a traditional window”.

“This assists in the prevention of contraband entering the prison, the remaining areas will be fitted with this style of window shortly.

“In addition the installation of infrared and motion sensor cameras will commence shortly.

“The Irish Prison Service is also exploring a number of technology options to deal with the problem.”


Gerry McCann "I dream about Maddie …I want to cry & hug her" The new torment of father on fire

MADELEINE father tearfully insisted yesterday that she is still alive — and he will be reunited with her for a cuddle. Gerry Mccann revealed he has “painful” dreams about his girl, who vanished aged three in 2007 on holiday in Portugal.

Here’s a timeline of events of the fateful evening:

Sobbing as he spoke, the surgeon, 52, said: “It’s almost like an instinctive reaction… it’s just a feeling… but I do feel we will be reunited. I just want to hug her and hold her and cry… a lot”.

Gerry gave the most harrowing account yet of the ordeal he and wife Kate, 52, have suffered since Maddie vanished at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

He told of Kate ‘s screams at the discovery — and how the couple are plagued by thoughts of her being “abused”.

Gerry remains convinced Maddie is still alive, despite police probes failing to shed any light on her whereabouts.

He said: “I thought about it a lot early on and what I was confident about is whatever had happened, Madeleine was still alive and is still alive”.

“There’s never a day goes by I don ‘t think about Madeleine and the situation and what might have happened. I have dreamed about her, including in the last months. They’re painful when they happen”. Gerry revealed his agony in a BBC Radio 4 programme about the bond between fathers and daughters.

It was broadcast as the Home Office last night considered whether to grant funds to continue the seven -year Met probe.

Gerry told of how Maddie’s siblings Sean and Amelie, now 13, gave them a reason to carry on. He said: “The twins kept us going. Having two other children, trying to make sure they had enough love and attention was important. I don’t know what it would have been like without them.

“It would have been even worse if she had been our only child. Thank God Sean and Amelie have had each other , but that they’ve missed out on having such a lovely big sister is painfull”.

Gerry said he will look at Amelie and how she has developed and wonder what Maddie would look like. He added that anniversaries and birthdays are hard — but also seeing the twins go through the stages that Madeleine would.

Gerry choked back tears as told of memories holding her and watching her go swimming or run around their gar den before watching Doctor Who.

He said: “The relation ship I had with Madeleine was special. All parents think that their child is amazing but some of the stuff I was able to do with Madeleine — the conversations, her character — it was really fantastic”.

Gerry also spoke of the moment he realized Maddie was missing on May 3, 2007 — and his immediate fear she had been kidnapped by a pedophile.

He said: “Kate came running back from the apartment screaming. I was in shock and Kate was screaming, Madeleine is missing, she’s gone’. I was like, ‘She can’t be gone ‘. I was looking every- where. It was disbelief, shock, horror, then panic and terror because I could only think of one scenario.

“I couldn’t get the darkest thoughts out of our minds that somebody had taken her and abused her.” Telling of the initial sense of guilt, Gerry spoke of how they had counselling after doing an appeal.

He said: “You can imagine the feelings we had and how and this had been misconstrued many times but Kate said, I’ve let her down, I wasn’t There”’.

“And that feeling of guilt we both had and that we had somehow let this happen or had given someone the opportunity, but at that time it was guilt that we were partly responsible.

“And after listening to us [the counselor] said, ‘You sound like model parents’. I suppose at the time that was some- thing we probably needed to hear”.

Gerry said time has now helped them adapt while they continue the search. He said: “Now we’re 11 years down the line but since particularly the Met started investigating we’ve had a new normality that our day-to day life is a family of four and not a family of five.

“And although Madeleine will always be part of it, you adapt”.

Gerry also said the relationship he shared with Madeleine was ‘incredibly special’ and dubbed the bond between himself, Kate and Madeleine ‘an equilateral triangle’

Cristiano Ronaldo faces heat over rape allegation

Accused of sexual assault, Ronaldo to sue German magazine over illegal’ report

Lawyers for Cristiano Ronaldo said on Friday they would sue German magazine Der Spiegel after it published “blatantly illegal” accusations by an American woman who alleges she was raped…

Ronaldo’s lawyer Christian Schertz said in a statement the report was “an inadmissible reporting of suspicions in the area of privacy”, and that he would seek legal redress for his client from the magazine.

The statement was sent to Reuters by Ronaldo ‘s agency, Gestifute, in response to a re- quest for comment on the Der Spiegel story. Gestifute did not answer any specific questions about the content of the Der Spiegel report, which Reuters was unable to independently verify.

Ronaldo is one of the biggest names in world sport. He has been named player of the year five times and transferred to Juventus from Real Madrid this summer for €100 -million (S149-9million). The Italian club declined to comment on the Der Spiegel report.

The magazine said the rape allegedly took place in June, 2009, in a hotel room in Las Vegas, according to Leslie Mark Stovall, lawyer for the alleged victim, Kathryn Mayorga.

Ronaldo and Mayorga then reached an out-of-court agreement, according to Sto- vall as reported in the magazine.

It said, according to Stovall, that she had pledged never to speak of the accusation again and Ronaldo paid her USS375,ooo.

“Kathryn was sexually assaulted in June, 2009, by an individual named Cristiano Ronaldo”, Mayorga’s lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, said in a video published online by Der Spiegel.

Reuters was not able to independently verify Mayorga’s allegations. Stovall did not immediately respond to e-mail requests from Reuters for comment on the report, and Mayorga was not available for comment in telephone calls to her home.

Her lawyer told Der Spiegel, however, that he had filed a civil complaint seeking to declare the non-disclosure agreement void.

“The purpose of this lawsuit is to hold Cristiano Ronaldo responsible within a civil court of law for the injuries he has caused Kathryn Mayorga and the consequences of those injuries”, Stovall told Der Spiegel.

Schertz said he would seek compensation from Der Spiegel for “moral damages in an amount corresponding to the gravity of the infringement, which is probably one of the most serious violations of personal rights in recent years

Man admits to biting son who laughed at him after spilling packet of peanuts

A man appeared before magistrate Monica Vella yesterday accused of punching and biting his son in an argument that started with a packet of peanuts.

Inspector Trevor Micallef charged the man with causing fear that he would use violence, slightly injuring the boy, breaching the peace and insulting or threatening his 14 year-old son.

The man’ s legal aid lawyer Benjamin Valenzia and the police inspector approached the bench where they dis cussed the case out of earshot of the public.

Sources said that the two came to blows after the boy laughed at his father for spilling a packet of Peanuts and the accused had switched off the family’s WiFi in retribution. In the ensuing fracas, the father had bitten his son on the leg.

Valenzia asked for a ban on the publication of the names of the accused and the injured party. The court upheld the request and ordered journalists present not to carry the names in their stories. The accused pleaded guilty.

The court asked if he knew what this meant. “I’m not understanding exactly, ” was his honest reply. The court explained the implications of a guilty plea to the man, who reiterated his plea. “So what am I to do to correct Him?” blurted out the man. The court said it was not the forum for these questions and directed him to his lawyer.

The court, having taken into account the particular circumstances of the case said it felt that prison would not be ideal, sentencing the man to 150 hours of community work instead.

A 6 month protection order was also issued in favor of the boy. The man was concerned that this meant that he would not be allowed to speak to his son. “You can speak to your son civilly, but the incident must not be repeated nor anything like it, said the court.